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Meet Our Practitioners, Therapists, & Collaborators


Kelly M. Ballard

Medium, Healer, Manifesting Maven, & Teacher

Kelly is a fourth-generation Intuitive Medium who has been working with Spirit for over 25 years. As an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Coach & Healer, and Reiki Master and Teacher, she considers herself to be a channel between you and Spirit, and is committed to helping people find the answers and healing they are seeking to live their best lives.

Kelly is honored to do the work that Spirit allows her to do, and believes that there is no limit to our own spiritual growth. Whatever journey you are on – connecting with Spirits, Loved-Ones, Spirit Guides, or Furry Loved-Ones, Manifesting Your Most Incredible Life and Digging into the Law of Attraction, Healing Your Energy with Reiki and Energy Work, Spoiling Yourself with a Class or Workshop, and everything else in between – she sincerely thanks you for letting her be a part of it with you.

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Jamie Forsyth, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Forsyth specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and heavily emphasizes helping individuals decrease psychological suffering by way of learning about, and living out their authentic self.  Dr. Foryth's approach is client-centered meaning that she views each person from a holistic standpoint, recognizing that every person has unique individual needs on their healing path. Although Dr. Forsyth is a valued member of the Reflective Harmony community, she is not taking new patients.

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Kristin McFerren, LCSW

Kristin is a licensed clinical social worker who has been treating clients in the mental health and addiction field for over 20 years.  Understanding the uncertainty clients face when considering therapy, Kristin prides herself on working with her clients to break the stigma that often keeps people suffering and stagnant, rather than growing and healing.  One of the several treatment modalities that she utilizes in her practice is psychoeducation as a therapeutic tool to help clients gain a better understanding of why and what they are feeling. (Ie: What are the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or PTSD? Why do I repeat the same behaviors that cause me to remain unsettled? How do I break the cycle?)  Kristin’s mantra is pretty simple - "Meet the client where they are at."  Building a therapeutic relationship is essential in the work that she does and YOU are the expert of life; taking the first step into therapy is one of the most courageous things YOU can do!  Kristin is currently taking on new clients.

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Alithia Rodriguez-Rolon

True Yoga Healing - Health Coaching by Alithia Rodriguez-Rolon

Alithia Rodriguez-Rolon is an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and yoga instructor (500-RYT), motivated by a desire to assist individuals in connecting with their wellness goals, cultivating plans and strategies to achieve them.  She has an almost thirty year career lobbying in New York State on critical education and health care issues, building strategies and leading teams to achieve success. All while being a mother, wife and daughter. She has run four half-marathons, numerous 5k runs and is an avid fitness enthusiast. Before COVID, Alithia decided to turn her dream into a reality and become a yoga teacher. Using yoga, meditation and breathwork techniques, she has helped students develop tools to manage stress, anxiety, and life. As she connected with students in the yoga studio, Alithia discovered a strong desire to do more and to be of service to those who need someone to walk alongside them on their wellness journey. Working together with her clients, Alithia will help you connect to the “why” of your goals, identify steps to achieve those goals, and build a tool kit to support you along the way.

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Tonya Marin

Holistic Halo Healing LLC, Owner

Unlike many people who often start their small businesses based upon the specifics of a
life-long dream, my drive for creating Holistic Halo Healing LLC was prompted by the excitement
about becoming an entrepreneur, and an incredible first hand experience of how my body was healed and lifted mentally (and emotionally) by halotherapy. From wanting to support my own family with the incredible benefits from halotherapy, this excitement is what truly guided me to start my plan to provide my community, family, and friends with the same healing experience that I felt from my first halotherapy session. I'm so excited that I can finally share my passion for supporting others to live a healthy and balanced life in my community and surrounding areas. And when I'm not supporting others with Halotherapy appointments, I am working full-time as a technology director, a wife, and a mom of two twin boys - all roles I adore and cherish. I look forward to working with YOU on your healing journey.

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Opal & Iris Boutique

Heal & Glow Reiki

Chris Bisner & Carole Corrigan

Energize Your Style, Illuminate Your Spirit

We love working with crystals and natural stones. Each jewelry item has been infused with purpose and positivity. We are both Reiki Masters and wanted to elevate our creations by also infusing them with the harmonizing power of Reiki cleansing. This not only purifies the elements but also imparts a positive and balanced energy to the wearer.  Whether it’s a keychain, bracelet or earrings, we want the owner to feel connected.  Beyond crystals, we also have vibrant decal expressions.  Our fun designs can be applied to an array of materials, making them versatile and adaptable to your unique style and preferences.   If there is a bracelet style or type of crystal/stone you do not see, we are happy to work with you in achieving that design.

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Michele, Bakery Day

Cookie Decorator

Michele is a local cookie decorator who loves teaching decorating classes at Reflective Harmony. Cookie decorating classes are a great way to learn the basics of working with royal icing while having fun with friends or family! Each class you will learn through guided instruction how to utilize different techniques to create edible works of art. Classes always have different designs and are typically offered seasonally around holidays, but private classes can also be requested. 

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Nick Carbuto

Sound Bath Facilitator & Collaborator

Nick Carbuto provides modalities for, and is committed to, your wellness and self-discovery! Nick is a Minister of Spiritual Counseling, lifelong educator and free-lance musician who infuses his unique energy with his clients. As a Certified Sound Healer, Reiki practitioner, Intuitive Counselor and Meditation Facilitator, Nick synthesizes various healing arts practices into a holistic approach to assist his clients towards wholeness and self-actualization. 

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Kelley Apple

Certified Grief Yoga Teacher, Certified Grief Educator, & Reiki Master and Teacher

Kelley has experienced the power of each of these practices in healing through her life journey.  Finding joy in bringing these same experiences to people in times of need is her mission.  Her grief yoga classes draw on healing energy in a safe environment to gently allow students to transform grief. 

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Janine DeTillio Cammarata

Journaler, Certified Reiki Master, Level IV Teacher of Active Dreaming, Certified Narrative Therapy Worldview Practitioner, & Award-Winning Author

Janine has kept a personal journal for over 40 years and a family journal for 28. She started teaching journaling when she realized the benefits of journaling after losing her son to leukemia. She's a certified Reiki Master through Kelly M. Ballard and offers her energy healing with journaling to deepen the benefits of Reiki. Janine is a Level IV Teacher of Active Dreaming through Robert Moss, certified in Narrative Therapy Worldview, and an award-winning author of seven books.  Janine brings all these modalities and her lived experiences together through her personally developed Pathways of Connection © programs.

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Dan Maxon

Turtle Drums, Vermont

Dan studied clairvoyance,spirit communication and the healing powers of crystals. The ceremonies used in these workshops are influenced by these studies, as well as his work with Vermont Druids, Ecuadorian Shamans, and lessons drawn from numerous workshops and readings over the years. Dan’s call to drumming reaches back to his earliest childhood memories, and continues to renew itself. He’s found that he has a gift in birthing drums, and has been called to make these spiritual tools available to others; Dan uses prayer, intention, and the power of various crystals to empower his drums to bring a needed voice to the world. Each one is unique in its song and energy.  By creating a sacred space in which to do this work, Dan finds peace in the process and great joy in the completion.

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Claire S. Harris

Intuitive Energy Practitioner

Claire, is an intuitive energy practitioner on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Inspired by her own transformative experiences, Claire is dedicated to supporting others in their quest for wellness. With a growing passion for various energy modalities including Shamanism, Reiki, crystal healing, and sound therapy, she approaches her practice with openness, integrity, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. Continuously expanding her knowledge and skills, Claire is committed to her own personal growth and to empowering others on their path to wholeness and well-being.

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