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Kelly M. Ballard, the owner of Reflective Harmony LLC, has been working as a Medium, Healer, Manifesting Maven, and Teacher for over 25 years.

Reflective Harmony LLC has been all shapes and sizes over the years, and has welcomed thousands of people through its doors for healing, incredible transformation, beautiful growth, and so much laughter.  What’s really special about it’s new home and incarnation though, is there are So.Many.New.Faces that you'll be able to have amazing, transformative experiences with.  And of course, what it really comes down to is that we’re really just building this bigger community that is focusing on spiritual wellness, healing of the mind, body, and spirit, and bringing joy into all that we do!  

We're going to use sound and vibrations to love up our energy.  We're going to create things from drums and rattles, to pieces of art nurtured by Spirit, to embracing our artistic side with decorating cookies.  We're going to support our energy by doing deep dives with journaling workshops, photography, and art therapy.  We’re going to move our bodies and process our grief through the gentle movement of yoga.  

We are welcoming back the Cardinals Corner and have incredible, intentional Artisans that have filled those shelves with juju-infused goods.  We're going to bring in Colleagues and Collaborators that focus not only on strengthening our mental health, but also our physical health and our respiratory systems. 



And I’m so glad you’re here for all of it!

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